Utilis offers Premium Feature. Now you might be saying "Where is the pay for Premium button?" well the answer is there is no pay button all you need to do is earn enough Eco Points(from the Economy System) and then pick Server Premium or User(only you, meaning you can only pay for your Premium no one elses).

What's the cost?

For the low cost of $0.00 in actual money and a little bit of Eco Points you can get it!! You can only make a new purchase of premium when your current premium runs out. There are different tiers to premium. Seven to be exact. Those are listed below.

Economy Premium Cost

For 1 Day of Premium you pay 1,000 Eco Points.

For 5 Days of Premium you pay 5,000 Eco Points.

For 10 Days of Premium you pay 10,000 Eco Points.

For 15 Days of Premium you pay 20,000 Eco Points.

For 20 Days of Premium you pay 60,000 Eco Points.

For 25 Days of Premium you pay 100,000 Eco Points.

For 31 Days of Premium you pay 500,000 Eco Points.

How do I get it?

To get it you first want to see which Premium Tier you want. To do that use ()pecotypes Once you decide which type you want you use the command ()buypremium [type number here]. For example say you want the longest premium time, you would use ()buypremium 7. That't how you get premium!

Premium User Command Cost

$6000 Daily | $8000 Weekly | 5 second cooldown Fish for $70

Premium Server Command

Prices to be determined

Soft Ban

VC Kick

VC Mute

VC Unmute

VC Deafen

VC Undeafen