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Utilis is an Advanced Multi-Purpose Discord Bot. Utilis has many features with many things to offer. The feature we offer are Moderation, Auto Moderation, Levels, Economy, Tickets, Web Hosting, Logging, Warning, Fun, Utility, Welcome System, Verification, and Giveaways. All commands can be found on our Documentation.

We are always updating everything to make your experience better. We are also adding new features to help and entertain the server. We even have Premium. Three types of Premium. We offer Economy Premium, Web Pinging Premium (a.k.a Ping Plus), and Server Premium. You can read mor about the Premium Services on

Here are a few commands:

Economy: Daily, Weekly, Fish, Shop, Buy, Sell, and much more

Fun: Cat, Dog, Avatar, Coinflip, Jumble, Hug

Logging: Message Logs, Channel Logs, Server Logs, User Logs

Warning System: Warn, Topwarns, Delwarn, Warns, Warnlogs

Fun Little Facts: Utilis had three names while being developed, AI1, Server Safe, and Commander. AI1 is what I picked right before I released the bot then changed it right after.

Utilis runs on multiple code projets.

Take control of your server. Make your server entertaining. Utilise Better. Utilities Made Simpler.

Packages we used to make Utilis and this website

Packages Links Packages Links
discord.js discord-math
qs node-fetch
express fs N/A
canvacord dotenv
enmap hastebin-gen
jumble-words sourcebin
twemoji-parser ms
parse-ms simple-json-db
node-superfetch axios
pretty-ms body-parser
graceful-fs @discordjs/opus
canvas common-tags
config discord.js-pagination
moment node-opus
os-utils quick.db
sourcebin weather-js djs-eval
cpu-stat date-and-time
moment-duration-format hastebin
randomstring better-sqlite3
distube lyrics-finder
scrape-yt ytdl-core-discord